easier day…

May 28, 2011

Work was easier this morning – plenty of tidying and not much lifting.  Was less tired afterwards, but still didn’t do much in the afternoon.


3am coffee 25 cal

6am coffee & cereal (less cereal and I think its plenty) 250 cal

10am  coffee and apple 75 cal

12pm tuna & bean salad 300 cal

4pm 2 sml vitawheats w/ vegemite 150 cal

6.45pm stuffed baby capsicums 500

later coffee 25 cal

total 1350

I have got to say that I have been feeling hungry all day for the last two days.  Don’t know whats up with that.  Also thinking about an icecream right now….hopefully it stays at just thinking.  I made stuffed baby capsicums for dinner tonight – the first time I have made them.  They were delicious and I will be making them again.

Work again tomorrow morning.


Tired and sore..

May 27, 2011

Have now done two work days in a row (I am about to do 5) and it’s been tough.  I havent had enough sleep – haven’t managed to get my head around being in bed by 7-8pm.  I have been unloading heaps of pallets of heavy boxes and my arms are pretty sore.  Have to move boxes that are wide and heavy (25-30kg’s) above my head to stack them on top of other boxes, so they are awkward too.  So far back is great and legs are fine.  My feet are still hating the steel cap boots but are starting to calm down slowly.  I come home from work and do just about nothing as I’m so tired.  Hope I get into a groove soon.  On the upside I am enjoying the work (I love to be active).

Food eaten today

3am coffee 25 cal

6am coffee & cereal with milk 325

10 am smal apple & coffee 75

11.30 coffee 25

1.30 Tuna & bean salad 300

6pm Home made beef burger with lettuce, tomato & onion 550

Coffee to come 25

Total calories 1400 (a little high seeing as my PT wants me between 1200-1300).  But no lollies or crap so thats better.

Aiming to get into bed at 8pm tonight – I really need a good 7 hour sleep.  My life has got so boring. lol.

Next week I am gonna get back into the gym.

As promised..

May 26, 2011

Here is day one of food diary:

3am coffee (25 calories)

6am coffee & cereal with low fat milk (255 calories)

10am coffee & small apple (75)

11.30am coffee (25)

1.15pm chicken wrap with tomato, lettuce, onion (400)

2.30pm coffee (25)

6pm t-bone steak with bean salad (500)

Total calories 1305 (maybe a bit more – only guessing with the wrap & steak).

Well no junk passed my lips so having to write it down has worked so far.  Shouldn’t be a problem tonight as I have to do a couple of hours computer work then I have to go to bed so I can get up at 3am.  Only had 4 hours sleep last night.  Hoping to get used to these hours sooner rather than later.  Should sleep well tonight – I worked my ass off this morning lugging heavy boxes for my whole shift.

No training today….


May 25, 2011

I had a Pt session today.  Was a good weights session, with 2x1km jogs thrown in.  Burnt 383 calories.

Karen was saying that she had been reading my blog and said that for a way of getting my food intake back on track that I should list it on my blog.  I said I didn’t really want to do it.  What it gets down to is I didn’t want to cause I haven’t been good with my food.  I write about my exercise cause that is usually good.   So as a way of getting back on track I will be putting it out there as of tomorrow.  No hiding. .

No excuses..

May 20, 2011

I need to get back into my groove and quick.  I keep making excuses, the big one the new job.  The working hours are early and I don’t feel like doing any exercise afterwards.  My feet kill after work – I have to wear steel capped boots and they are so hard on the feet (not like wearing my soft and bouncy runners).  It is mainly my big toes.  Also my eating has gone really bad.  I get up at 3am go to work at 6am I have a few nuts, at 10 am I have an apple then at about lunchtime I am starving and wanna eat.  Then I snack the rest of the day.  Have to get used to eating early so that the food gets more consistent and I stop eating badly.  So, over the next week I will work on that and also make sure I get my workouts in no matter if I am tired or whatever.  Once I get into a routine, it will all fall into place.

Did a Pt session today.  Weights work.  Burnt 360 Calories.


May 17, 2011

Not much to report on the exercise front.  Went to induction today.  Three hours of dvd watching and two hours of form filling in.  It’s amazing how tiring all that is. lol.  Went and played pool tonight but got to play up early so I could get some sleep before I have to be at work at 4am.  That will be a massive 4 hours sleep.  Will be a tired girl tomorrow.

Slow Saturday…

May 14, 2011

Got up early this morning and went to boxercise.  Got there early so did some work on a spin bike.  Enjoyed it alot today – burnt 620 calories.

Sat on the couch for most of the day.  No run this afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow.  Off to dinner tonight with friends.

Semi strength/weights workout..

May 13, 2011

Went to get another trailer load of firewood today.  This time we really made it full.  I wore my HR monitor to see what kind of a workout it was.  We had to load the wood into a wheel barrow then walk it from the side of our friend’s house to the trailer out front – quite a stretch.  Then had to load it into the trailer and once we got it home we had to unload it.  Of course it was raining when we were doing all this.  I was surprised to see that I burnt 585 calories – not a huge amount, but weights workouts are never a high burn.  Even so it was higher than I expected.

With the rain continuing I didn’t run.  Will be going to the gym in the morning for a boxing class then may try to get in a run in the afternoon.

Got the job!

May 11, 2011

I applied for the job as a stop gap – to get money coming in before I go away on holidays. My payout from my last job that I worked for 23 years is going fast – well it was 10 months ago.  I have been fluffing around trying to decide my next career move.  I didn’t want to be in printing anymore – wanted to be a manager but doing what?  So, I applied for this job – It is part time (have no idea what it pays cause I didn’t ask) 30 hours a week.  It is tough work.  Shelf filling, stand building, cleaning. Six hours of being one the move, lifting and bending.  When I went to the interview, the person was really nice.  He had got 4 promotions in two years.  He started where I am – this is the way the company hires – they want you to learn the whole business.  He said he sees me heading up the corporate ladder pretty quickly.  The more we we were talking about things the more I got to thinking this could be more than a stop gap job.  I could go far here.  So I am now really excited about the job and where it will lead.  I have induction on Tuesday at the respectable time of 10am.  Where is the job? Its at that big shopping warehouse at the Docklands, you all know the one.  Don’t want links to my blog.  lol.

Went to my PT session today.  One the way it was hailing – my PT rang me and we decided not to run and to do weights instead.  I got there and started to warm up.  Then the sun came out so we headed out the door.  It was freezing out there.  Took 15 minutes to feel the tips of my fingers.  Only rained a little bit and was glad we got out and ran.  Then a good stretch.  466 Calories burnt.

A few days off…

May 10, 2011

It was unplanned but I have had a few days off.  I have been busy and have not managed to train.  Today I had a job interview.  It went really well.  I will be shattered if I dont get it seeing as the interviewer said it went “really really well”.  We talked alot about career advancement – he said in his view I would go far quickly.  Just as well cause if I get this job I am starting at the bottom – working part time 4am (no, that is not a typo) till 10am, 5 days a week.  But I can see a future with this job so I am not scared of a bit of hard work.  Am actually quite excited about it.

I have been sick since last night – some stomach bug.  Quite bad too – still managed to go to the interview and hold it together….just.  Sitting on the couch now in my trackies and thinking about a nap and debating whether eating something would be a good idea.  Needless to say no training will be done today either.  My PT wants to drag me out for a 7-8km run tomorrow.